How do I change the fiscal year?

How do I change the fiscal year?

The fiscal year settings helps organizations to configure their fiscal cycle. Based on the selected fiscal start month, organizations can configure their fiscal cycle. Once the fiscal start month is selected, fiscal quarters are automatically rolled up. 

By default, the Zoho CRM fiscal start month is set to January. 

To set up fiscal year Log in to Zoho CRM with Administrator privilege. 
Click Setup > Organization Settings > Fiscal Year. In the Fiscal Year page, select the Fiscal Start Month from the drop-down list. Choose Start Month or End Month to specify if the fiscal year name should be based on the start or the end month. Click Submit. 

Note: Changing the Fiscal Start Month will affect changes in the new as well as the existing Forecast records Changing the Fiscal Start Month will affect the settings configured for Financial Year and Financial Quarter in Reports and Dashboards. 

To change the fiscal start month please follow these steps: Click the forecast tab, click on view settings, edit it, change the start month, confirm the change and save it. Please note that when you change the fiscal start all the existing forecast will be exported to the primary contact email address and deleted permanently.

The steps to accomplish this are listed here:
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