Integrating Microsoft Office Calendar with Zoho CRM

Integrating Microsoft Office Calendar with Zoho CRM

Yes it can be done. The first step is that your Administrator needs to add Zoho CRM as an app in your Office 365 Account (

A key issue that Users experience with this integration is that it creates two calendars - an Outlook Calendar and a Zoho CRM Calendar. They only want one calendar. The only workarounds we have found re as follows:
  • Continue using CRM to create the Event -- as they are now I believe -- and add the (Office 365) user as a Participant of the event. Yes I know you are effectively inviting the same person that is the owner/host of the meeting but it seems to work.
  • Microsoft Flow has a 'When an event is added, updated or deleted' trigger that could be used to create a workflow to just about to keep two Office 365 calendar in sync. I have to say this is my least favourable suggestion as it would be messy to setup and maintain I feel but technically possible.
  • Get users to only use the Zoho CRM Calendar in Office 365 -- i.e. the one synced over via the Office 365/CRM integration. This would potentially mean adding all event via the CRM including non-CRM related events. The calendar seen via Office 365 that way though would be 100% accurate. The reason for adding all is I found while testing some properties of events adding via Outlook don't sync correctly, mainly around meeting settings.

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