Send emails and sync conversations with custom email addresses in Zoho CRM

Send emails and sync conversations with custom email addresses in Zoho CRM

March 2024
In many situations, multiple email addresses are used by a single person. For example, a customer may have multiple email addresses for various purposes, such as personal communication, online shopping, work-related correspondence, project discussions, financial transactions, and more. The reasons for having multiple email addresses can range from personal preferences to legal compliance. The CRM already supports custom email fields to help list multiple email addresses in a record (in addition to the primary and secondary email fields).

You now have the ability to easily send emails to and sync conversations with such custom email addresses within the CRM to ensure a comprehensive view of your email communications. Please note that this is not enabled by default. In order to enable this support for custom email addresses, Zoho CRM admins need to:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Channels > Email.
  2. In the Email Configuration tab, select Custom Email Fields.
  3. Enable Custom email fields preferences.
The following will be enabled based on the preference set by the Zoho CRM admin: 
  1. The following will be enabled based on the preference set by the CRM admin:
  2. The addresses stored in custom email fields will be available as quick suggestions and autocomplete suggestions in the email composer.
  3. Emails sent and received from email addresses (stored in custom email fields) will be synchronized in the email related list. The filters have been improved to help you concentrate on the necessary conversations. If you wish to have an overview of all communication with a person, you can choose the All Emails view. This will display all email discussions linked to the primary, secondary, and custom email fields.
  4. The Latest email status filter will consider conversations with custom email field addresses, along with primary and secondary email addresses, to display relevant records.
  5. Email conversations with custom email field addresses will be included in reports.
Points to remember:
  1. Custom email field preference applies for Leads, Contacts, Vendors, and custom modules.
  2. The All Emails view will be available only when the total number of filled-in email fields (including system-defined fields) is five or fewer.
  3. If the total number exceeds five, you will be provided with an All emails - Sent from CRM view instead of the All Emails view.
  4. The email sharing settings configured for the primary and secondary addresses will also apply for custom email addresses.
  5. The custom email fields preferences can be enabled only when all the users in an organization are in the latest email configuration.
  6. This is currently supported for IMAP and POP3 users only.
  7. If any org has an active Gmail API integration, for now they cannot enable this preference. This will be supported in few months.
  8. This feature is not available in mobile apps currently.

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