Understanding addresses in Zoho CRM

Understanding addresses in Zoho CRM

The following is based on an instance of Zoho CRM with no customisation. 

In Leads you have one set of address fields which are:

Province - I highlight this to UK customers to think County
Postal Code

When a Lead is converted, the address data that is completed willfollow the conversion. The Lead address is converted to on an Account:

Billing Street
Billing City
Billing Province
Billing Postal Code
Billing Country

The shipping address is left blank, as it could be different. If it is identical there is a button to copy the system fields from billing to shipping or vice versa.Note if you add any custom fields to facilitate Unit, Block, Street 2, etc. these won't be copied over by this button.

The Lead is also converted to an Contact and the address fields follow to:

Mailing Street
Mailing City
Mailing Provience
Mailing Postal Code
Mailing Country

Like Accounts, the other address fields are left blank but can be copied quickly.

Three common queries are:

1 - Can I add extra address fields (for example Unit Number). Yes you can however you need to ensure that they are connected with the matching fields on Account and Contact or else the data will not flow to these records. Also the Copy button on Accounts and Contacts will not copy the custom field data over.

2 - I have created a new field on Leads, Accounts, Contact called Street 2 but the data isn't populating. This is because when the fields were built they weren't connected. It is a simple fix to resolve this issue.

3 - The copy button on Account or Contact is not copying all the data. The copy button only copies the system fields, any custom fields will not be copied.
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