Zoho Analytics - Zoho Marketing Automation

Zoho Analytics - Zoho Marketing Automation

Zoho Analytics - Zoho Marketing Automation Connector

19th October 2023
Zoho have released two new native integrations in Zoho Analytics. The first one is between Zoho Analytics and Zoho Marketing Automation and the second is between Zoho Analytics and Zoho Connect. Both are currently in Beta (highlighted at time of connection), and are subject to change. This now brings the total number of Zoho Analytics native integration within the Zoho Suite to 25:
  1. Zoho Docs
  2. Zoho WorkDrive
  3. Zoho DataPrep
  4. Zoho CRM
  5. Zoho SalesIQ
  6. Bigin
  7. Zoho Campaigns
  8. Zoho Finance
  9. Zoho Books
  10. Zoho Inventory
  11. Zoho Billing
  12. Zoho Invoice
  13. Zoho Expense
  14. Zoho Recruit
  15. Zoho People
  16. Zoho Desk
  17. Zoho Projects
  18. Zoho Sprints
  19. Zoho BugTracker
  20. Zoho Commerce
  21. Zoho Survey
  22. Zoho Creator
  23. Zoho Forms
  24. Zoho Marketing Automation
  25. Zoho Connect

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