Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone

Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone

June 2024
Beta - Restricted Early Access

Introducing Zoho CRM - CRM for Everyone: Your Complete Collaboration Solution

CRM for Everyone offers a unified platform for seamless collaboration across multiple teams involved in customer-related workflows. It's tailored to empower your sales teams to coordinate efforts with other departments, ensuring smooth, efficient, and personalised customer experiences. In today's market, customers demand transparency, speed, and customisation when engaging with businesses. The sales team collaborates closely with various departments to meet these expectations, whether it's coordinating deliveries or addressing specific customer concerns. However, inefficient coordination can lead to delays and frustrate customers. Typically, organisations use a range of tools to manage customer-related tasks, from CRM systems to spreadsheets and communication apps. This fragmented approach can result in loss of context, delays in switching between tools, and collaboration challenges. To overcome these obstacles, businesses must integrate and customize these tools, which can be time-consuming and costly. To simplify workflows and improve collaboration, CRM for Everyone consolidates customer-related tasks within a single platform. However, ensuring smooth integration poses challenges. CRM administrators are hesitant to grant extensive access to multiple teams, fearing security risks and data breaches. To address these concerns, CRM for Everyone introduces Team Modules, allowing teams to manage their work within specialized Teamspaces. This approach maintains control over critical modules while empowering teams to customise their workflows. Additionally, CRM admins can restrict access to ensure data security and compliance. With Zoho CRM - CRM for Everyone, users can seamlessly collaborate within their Teamspace, accessing specialised modules tailored to their needs. Whether visualising data in charts or raising requests within the CRM, users can streamline their workflows and provide exceptional customer experiences. 

Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Key Changes and Features

Menu options have been reorganised, shifting from the top band to the left-hand side vertical sidebar. This updated sidebar now offers contextual shortcuts for quick settings, tidy folders for module organisation, and more. It's divided into two sections — Primary Sidebar and Secondary Sidebar.
Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone New Menu

The Primary Sidebar serves as the primary navigation hub. The top section features icons for accessing Modules, Reports, Dashboards, Requests, Marketplace, and Global Search.
Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Primary Navigation
The bottom portion now houses intuitive utility icons like Quick create record, Mail magnet, and Calendar.
Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Utility Icons
The Secondary Sidebar provides quick-access controls based on your Primary Sidebar selection. It's collapsible to maximize your workspace and offers Setup shortcuts for creating modules, reports, dashboards, layouts, webforms, and more. Additionally, it includes folders for better module and report organisation.
 Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Sidebar Setup
Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Sidebar Setup Modules

Team modules offer a straightforward solution for teams operating within Zoho CRM to seamlessly integrate their data and workflows. Equipped with a user-friendly builder and predefined roles for various levels of data access, team modules facilitate efficient collaboration through the Requester tab.
Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Team Modules

Teamspaces have replaced tab groups, offering a more organized approach to team collaboration. Each team now has its own dedicated space, simplifying data segregation and workflow management.
Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Teamspaces Setup
Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Teamspaces
Chart View in Zoho CRM transforms raw data into intuitive visual representations, offering quick insights and deeper understanding of module data. With this feature, decision-making is streamlined, patterns and trends are easily identified, and sales strategies are optimised—all within your CRM modules. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating to CRM's analytics suite for basic visualisation needs.

Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Chart View

The Timeline of a record has been enhanced to include an omni-channel Interactions tab.
Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Interactions Tab

Edition Availability

Free Edition
Standard Edition
Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition
New UI

Team Modules

Chart View

Interactions Tab


Note, within the availability there is also set feature limits. For example, with Chart View a maximum of 5 chart views can be published.

Zoho CRM - CRM For Everyone - Video


How soon will it be available?
No launch date has been provided. Zoho Partners currently have early access to it and are evaluating the features and functionalities for "bugs" or possible improvements. As of April 2024, there is an inital early release to Zoho Partners with additional features in the roadmap.

Is this a completely new CRM from Zoho?
No, it is an evolution of the existing Zoho CRM. The new UI will replace the existing UI and the additional functionality will be added to the existing instance of Zoho CRM (subject to feature Edition limits).
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